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Product Range

Electronic Instruments:

Digital pH Meter (lab. Model)

Digital T.D.S. Meter

Digital pH Meter (lab. Model) With A.T.C.

Digital Portable Temperature Indicator

Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Pyrogen Testing Thermometer (Tele)

Conductivity & T.D.S. Meter Combined Digital With Cell

Colony Counter (electronic Digital)

Digital Multi Channel Soil Thermometer Portable

Photo Electric Colorimeter Indian Digital

Digital Water / Soil Testing Kit

Food Processing Equipments:

Pulper Machine

Fruit And Vegetable Slicer

Fruit Crusher (Crushing Machine)

Coil Type Juicing Machine

Juice Press (To Extract Juice From Crushed Fruits)

Meat Mincer

Rosing Machine

Potato Peeler

Can Reforming Unit

Potato Slicing Machine

Can Flanging Machine

Crown Corking Machine

Lid Embossing Machine

Can Vacuum Tester

Steam Jacketed Kettle

Canning Retort With Pressure Gauge

Can Sealing Machine

Safety And Release Valve

Lug Cap Sealing Machine

Can Cutting Machine (Hand Worked)

P.P. Cap Sealing Machine

Bottle Filling Machine

Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments:

Kinematic Viscometer Bath SHI-162

Redwood Viscometer Multiple Apparatus

Kinematic Viscometer Bath (Temp. Range 5°C To 100°C) SHI-162A

Tar Viscometer Apparatus

Abels Flash Point Apparatus

Tar Viscometer Multiple Apparatus

Pensky Marten Flash Point Apparatus

Flow Cup Viscometer

Red Wood Viscometers

Bomb Calorimeter (Digital) (with Safety Device)

Pharmaceutical Equipments:

Dissolution Rate Tests Apparatus XXI (electrically operated) PE-1

Drum Mixer-PE-26

Friability Test Apparatus (I.P. Standard)-PE-3

Antiblotic Zone Rader (IP standard)-PE-27

Tablet Hardness Tester (Monsanto Type) With Case - PE-6

Pole Climbing Apparatus-PE-28

Tablet Coating Pan Unit With Hot Air Blower-PE-7


Tablet Polishing Pan-PE-8


Double Cone Blender (mixer)-PE-22

Histamine Chamber-PE-32

Planetary Mixer - PE-23

Electronic Stimulators-PE-33

Triple Roller Mills - PE-24

Universal Student Kymograph-PE-35

Powder Mass Mixer-PE-25

MeltIng Point Apparatus-PE-42

Meteorological Instruments:

Heating Instruments:

Laboratory Oven (Universal Type)-SHI-101

Laboratory Round Heating Plate-SHI-196

Laboratory Oven (Perfect System Upto 250°)-SHI-103

Laboratory Rectangular Heating Plate With Cast Iron Top-SHI-197

Laboratory Electric Oven (Perfect System-Upto 350°C & 450°c)-SHI-104

Heating Mantle-SHI-194

Industrial Drying Oven/Tray Dryer-SHI-106

High Temperature Furnace 1200oC-SHI-205

Vacuum Oven-Shi-105

High Temperature Muffle Furnace-SHI-205A


Egg Incubator-SHI-122

Plant Growth Chamber / Environmental Chamber-SHI-128

B.O.D. Incubator (Super Delux Automatic)-SHI-123

Ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet/Deep Freezer-SHI-129

Seed Germinator (Single Chamber)-SHI-124

Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet-SHI-130

Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber)-SHI-125

Humidity Chamber With Cooling System-SHI-131

Seed Germinator (Single Chamber Cooling System)-SHI-126

Oribital Shaking Incubator-SHI-133

Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber Cooling System)-SHI-127

Orbital Shaking Incubator (Cooling System)-SHI-134

Water Baths:

Water Bath Rectangular (Double Wall)-SHI-152

Low Temperature Bath (Incubator Shaker)-SHI-160

Serological Water Bath (Without Racks & Thermometer)-SHI-154

Water Bath Incubator Shaker (Metabolic Shaking Incubator)-SHI-161

Constant Temp. Refregerated Liquid Bath (Cooling Bath)-SHI-156

Kinematic Viscometer Bath - SHI-162

High Precision Water Bath-SHI-157


Vortex Shaker (Test Tube Shaker)-SHI-167

Sieve Shaker (Grytory Motorized)-SHI-173

Rotary Shaker (horizontal)-SHI-168

Lab. Willy Mill (Arthur H. Thomas Type)-SHI-176

Shaking Machine (Reciprocation Khan's Type)- SHI-169

Lab. Ball Mill-SHI-177

V.D.R.L. Shaker-SHI-170, Sieve Shaker Hand Operated- SHI-172


Vacuum Pump:

Rotary Vacuum Pumps-SHI-163

Vacuum Cum Low Pressure Pump (Diaphragm Type Oil Free)-SHI-165

Monoblock Vacuum Pump (Beltless, Portable, with small qty Of Oil-SHI-164)


Water Still Automatic (Wall Type)-SHI-182

Glass Distillation-SHI-184

Distillation Apparatus (Barnsted Type)-SHI-183

Soxhlet Extraction Unit (Without Glass Parts And Clamps)-SHI-187

K.Jeldahl Distillation & Digestion Combined Unit (Without Glass Part And Clamps)-SHI-185

Laminar Bench:


Tissue Culture Rack With Timer-SHI-208 (B)

Fume Hood-SHI-208 (A)

LamInar Air Flow Cabinet (Horizontal & Vertical)-SHI-206

Drinking & Waste Water Testing Instruments:

Quality Policy

It is our quality policy to exceed customer expectation through effective quality management process. We accomplish this by continually improving quality of products and efficiency of our services through active participation of all employees, while firmly adhering to global, environmental and social standards.

The company has an in-house testing laboratory that checks all ithe products for any kind of production flaws or discrepancies. After this process, test batches are placed under actual working conditions and their performance evaluated in the light of stringent quality control standards and performance specifications. Our company has been accredited with the much coveted ISO 9001:2015 certificate owing to its stringent approach towards maintaining quality.


We are proud of our sophisticated manufacturing facility, which is loaded with the most modern machinery and equipments, handled by our well trained and qualified team of engineers, technicians, scientists and quality experts.

Timely upgradation of all these machines used in the manufacturing process is a regular process, which enhances our production process as well as helps us reduce wastage of time and resources. The Research & Development department of Shivam Instruments, by ensuring regular improvement of the products, helps the company in facing the ever growing industrial challenges.


Ever since our inception in the year 1996, we have been totally committed towards ensuring scientific and technological advancement; this commitment is reflected in our customer-oriented philosophy. Few of Shivam Instruments' major clients are as follows:-

  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Allahabad University
  • MPUAT Udaipur Rajasthan University, Jaipur
  • NDUAT, Faizabad
  • Chandersekhar University, Kanpur
  • I.I.T, Kanpur
  • Leather Technologies, Jalandhar,
  • Delhi University
  • Central Fuel Research Institute, Bilaspur
  • Department Of Zoology Banaras Hindu University, Varansi
  • School Of Biotechnologies, Varansi
  • V.B.S.Purvanchal University, Jaunpur
  • Sudhir Genset, Haryana
  • Deptt. Of Botany Delhi University, New Delhi
  • Deptt. Of Soil Science J.N.K.Vishvidyalya, Jabalpur
  • Deppt. Of Leather Tech, Jallandhar
  • National Seed Reserch & Training Centre, Varansi
  • Directorate Of Seed Research Koshambi,Mau U.P
  • Dmsrd, Ministry Of Deffence, Kanpur
  • Vediocon Industries Ltd, Rajasthan
  • Deptt. Of Chemisry, Lucknow
  • Hansco Iron & Steel Pvt Ltd Punjab
R&D Deptt.
  • Asian Paints
  • Milton Cycles
  • Atlas Cycles
  • Hero Honda
  • Sudhir Generators
  • BHEL
  • Health Overseas Ltd.
  • DMSRD (Defence)
  • Hilux Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
  • Viney Auto Pvt. Ltd., among others.

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